Appledown Music Centre - Publications

We have the following in-house publications available to purchase by mail order.

THE SINGERS NOTEBOOK - £4.50 plus P&P. Includes information on preparing to sing, posture, mouth & throat, breathing, warming up, first skills, sight singing, performance nerves and vocal health.

MUSIC READERS NOTEBOOK - £7.50 for A5 loose-leaf plus P&P. Includes information on rhythm, pitch, intervals, signs & terms, introducing form, first steps in harmony and sight reading. Can also be purchased in ring binder for £8.00 plus P&P or ring binder with plastic pockets for £10.50 plus P&P.

Sample Page - Rhythm:

Each piece of music has a natural pulse or beat over which the musical sounds are grouped together into rhythmic patterns. Signs are used to represent different relative lengths of sound, or silence. Silences are called rests. 

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The pulse of a piece of music is more strongly accentuated at regular intervals. For example, every 3rd beat may feel stronger, or every 4th beat etc.

To show this in written music, the notes are separated by bar lines into bars, each bar representing an equal number of beats. The rhythmic patterns of the notes in each bar add up to this regular number of beats. The term metre is sometimes used to refer to this regular beat pattern, hence a piece of music may be said to have a metre of so many beats to a bar, the first beat of each bar being the strongest beat. The end of a piece of music is indicated by a double barline

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WAY OF LIFE - £3.50 plus P&P. Includes a collection of contributed articles, poems and illustrations complied by Gillian Gray in aid of RABI.

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We also have a farm-based publication for sale - Appledown Animals: an introduction to the farm animals for children (£1.75 inc. P&P).

If you have any further enquiries or wish to place an order, please contact us. There is an additional small charge of 50p per publication to cover Postage & Packing. For orders outside the UK please contact us for delivery details.